We Supply Bulk Compost & Sawdust for Various Applications!

Healing in Sawdust

Full bulk loads of Healing Sawdust and Compost available to protect your plants from intense summer heat and winter cold.





Large Grower Potting Mixes

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Swine Mortality Composting

“Green” Sawdust is the ideal composting material for decomposition of your mortality. It retains heat, absorbs excess moisture, and provides a barrier to discourage insects and scavengers. “Green” Sawdust best provides the essential carbon for microbes to decompose carcasses.

Semi-load deliveries on “live-floor” trailers to your facility.

FOB pickup in Oskaloosa, IA.

Call for bulk pricing! 1-800-373-8969 ext. 12 or email: info@bandbbedding.com

*Composting procedures for sawdust are available from ISU and other universities.