Bulk Livestock Bedding


This product is comparable to the material in our Premium Show Bedding bales for indoor use. We have it available in limited quantities.


This is a by-product of the sawmill industry. It is not kiln dried, but provides a dust free and economical bedding for livestock.


This product is shredded wood ground through a 1.5 -2 inch screen. It is used in barns for stalls and in outdoor feed lots. A base of 4-8
inches will allow drainage of water and urine, keeping the animals dry. It is easy to pick in stalls and is long lasting.

Call 1-800-373-8969 for semi-load delivered to your door pricing!

FOB PRICING available for full or part loads please email us at info@bandbbedding.com

Our Bulk Shavings are delivered on self-unloading trailers.

Delivered on Walking Floor trailers. 80-100 cu. yds per load.