Pine Bark Composted Fines

This premium pine bark material consists of finely ground and screened pine bark from our 100% pine bark processing facility. Adding this organic material provides a great amendment for heavy and clay soils and produces an excellent potting mix for commercial potting enterprises. Incorporating it into your soil will allow air and water to reach the roots of your plants and improve drainage.

Bulk Mix Composted Fines

Softwood and Hardwood composted fines bulk mix: This product is produced from our grinding and screening operations. This finely ground and composted material is economical and provides and excellent soil amendment for all of your bulk potting or landscape bed needs. It greatly enhances your soil structure to maximize plant growth potential.

Our woods are free from any contaminants or treated woods.

Samples available upon request. Contact our customer service for more information at

Delivered on Walking Floor trailers. 80-100 cu. yds per load.