We Supply a Complete Line of Soils & Soil Conditioners!


Mahaska Top Soil

Ability to retain nutrients necessary to sustain plant life.

Promotes healthy plant growth and root structure. Prevents erosion

*available in .75 cu ft / 40lb bags. 70 bags per pallet

Mahaska Potting Soil

Retains moisture. Stablizing the plant. Provides nutrients.

*available in .75 cu ft / 40lb bags. 70 bags per pallet

Mahaska Compost

98% yard and tree waste. Retains moisture. Improve soil structurally & nutritionally.

Hold soils together reducing erosion.

*available in .75 cu ft / 40lb bags. 70 bags per pallet

Mahaska Manure

Packed with nutrients that plants need. A slow-releasing fertilizer, helps keep plants healthy and green.

*available in .75 cu ft / 40lb bags. 70 bags per pallet

Upcoming Events

Western Nursery & Landscape Association
Dates: January 15–17, 2020
Crown Center Exhibition Hall
Kansas City, MO
Booth #105


Dates: January 29–31, 2020
Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center
Schaumburg, IL
Booth #1809


Dates: February 4–5, 2020
KCI Expo Center
Kansas City, MO
Booth #1108


Iowa Nursery & Landscape Association (INLA) Trade Show
Dates: February 26–27, 2020
Iowa State Center
Schemen Building
Ames, IA
Booth #15


Please contact us for additional information regarding events!

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